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Located at the beautiful Brouwersdam, Kiteboarding Club Brouwersdam (KBC Brouwersdam) offers the perfect location to learn kiteboarding. With a wide sandy beach, shallow shore zones, the latest equipment, and experienced kite instructors, they ensure your first kite lessons are a success. The spot is also perfect for advanced kiteboarders.

What can you expect at KBC Brouwersdam?

Experience the Authentic Kiteboarding Atmosphere at KBC Brouwersdam

With its ideal conditions and enthusiastic team, KBC Brouwersdam is the place for anyone wanting to learn kiteboarding or improve their skills. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced surfer, they offer the facilities and guidance to make your kiteboarding experience unforgettable.

Experience the unique atmosphere, meet other kiteboarders, and enjoy an active or relaxed day at the beach. KBC Brouwersdam welcomes you with open arms!

Furthermore Kiteboarding Club Brouwersdam is near the following sights: Natural High (±250 m), Sailing & Surfing Centre Brouwersdam (±800 m), Aqua Mundo Port Zélande (±1,2 km), Watersports Brouwersdam (±2,5 km) & RTM Tram Museum (±3,4 km).

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