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faq Corona (Covid-19): Information for visitors of Renesse
Monday 2 March
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2020
Wednesday 1 January
faq Hiring a beach cabin in Renesse
Monday 25 March 2019
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2019
Tuesday 1 January 2019
faq Tickets of Pfingsten in Renesse
Tuesday 18 December 2018
faq Exchange, fill, rent or buy (camping) gas bottles?
Wednesday 13 June 2018
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2018
Monday 1 January 2018
faq Renesse during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve
Thursday 23 November 2017
faq Showers on the beach of Renesse
Friday 21 July 2017
faq Can I fly with a drone near Renesse?
Monday 22 May 2017
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2017
Sunday 8 January 2017
faq Fireworks in Renesse on New Year’s Eve
Thursday 22 December 2016
faq Renting sunbed, windbreaker, umbrella and/or beach chair
Tuesday 2 August 2016
faq ZeelandPas points of sale in Renesse
Friday 1 July 2016
faq Carnival in Renesse
Tuesday 2 February 2016
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2016
Monday 4 January 2016
faq Opening hours on November 11 in Renesse
Monday 2 November 2015
faq Where you can drive the car up near the beach in Rensesse
Friday 17 July 2015
faq Is it allowed to enter the dunes of Renesse?
Wednesday 17 June 2015
faq Holiday dialysis in Renesse
Sunday 1 March 2015
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2015
Sunday 4 January 2015
faq Deposit after reservation
Wednesday 22 October 2014
faq Metal Detectors on the beach of Renesse
Monday 21 July 2014
faq Rent a wheelchair in Renesse
Tuesday 15 July 2014
faq Getting married in Renesse
Saturday 22 February 2014
faq Drinking and buying alcohol
Wednesday 22 January 2014
faq Drinking and buying alcohol
Wednesday 22 January 2014
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2014
Saturday 4 January 2014
faq Real estate brokers in Renesse
Saturday 14 December 2013
faq Will I be charged a cancellation fee?
Monday 21 October 2013
faq Restaurants in Renesse
Thursday 12 September 2013
faq Hiring a Strandkorb in Renesse
Friday 30 August 2013
faq What is city tax and when do I have to pay this?
Tuesday 2 July 2013
faq Coach (bus) parking in Renesse
Sunday 12 May 2013
faq Wachting Football on TV in Renesse
Wednesday 24 April 2013
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2013
Saturday 5 January 2013
faq Taxi's in Renesse
Saturday 1 December 2012
faq Self-service laundry in Renesse
Tuesday 23 October 2012
faq Are the beaches of Renesse free accessible?
Wednesday 18 April 2012
faq Free WiFi internet in Renesse
Saturday 7 April 2012
faq Nearest pediatrician Renesse
Tuesday 13 March 2012
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2012
Monday 2 January 2012
faq Opening times during the low season
Saturday 5 November 2011
faq Nearest train station to Renesse
Wednesday 2 November 2011
faq Regulations for sport fishing from the beach
Sunday 30 October 2011
faq Hotels with sauna
Saturday 15 October 2011
faq Nearest Hospital Renesse
Monday 25 July 2011
faq Attractions in the area
Saturday 23 July 2011
faq Caravan park in Renesse
Friday 8 July 2011
faq Gynecologist or obstetrician in Renesse
Monday 13 June 2011
faq Are the shops in Renesse open on Sundays?
Thursday 5 May 2011
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2011
Thursday 2 December 2010
faq Sunday shopping in Renesse
Friday 27 August 2010
faq Parking / parking places in Renesse
Wednesday 4 August 2010
faq Make campfire on the beach of Renesse
Friday 25 June 2010
faq Barbecuing on the beach of Renesse
Tuesday 1 June 2010
faq Bus and train connections to Renesse
Friday 28 May 2010
faq Lost object in Renesse
Monday 22 March 2010
faq Beach wheelchairs in Renesse
Thursday 11 March 2010
faq Municipality Renesse
Monday 11 January 2010
faq Tourist tax Renesse 2010
Sunday 3 January 2010
faq Bicycle rental in Renesse
Sunday 27 September 2009
faq Nude beach in Renesse
Saturday 25 July 2009
faq Riding on the beach
Thursday 2 July 2009
faq By public transport to Renesse
Thursday 11 June 2009
faq Tourism Renesse
Wednesday 6 May 2009
faq Overview of all major events in Renesse
Thursday 22 January 2009
faq Horse riding stables
Saturday 16 August 2008
faq Pharmacy in Renesse
Saturday 9 August 2008
faq Smoking ban in public places
Monday 2 June 2008
faq Supermarket in Renesse
Sunday 10 February 2008
faq Local internet cafe
Thursday 25 October 2007
faq Police station Renesse
Friday 22 June 2007
faq Tourist Office Renesse
Sunday 6 May 2007
faq What does the blue flag mean at the beaches?
Wednesday 2 May 2007
faq Seawater quality of Renesse
Friday 2 March 2007
faq Dogs on the beaches of Renesse
Wednesday 7 February 2007

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In this section you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. See if your question is listed here. If you can‘t‘ find the answer to your question, send us an mail.