Renesse, crown on Zeeland

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This cosy tourist village in Zeeland is situated on the isle of Schouwen-Duiveland. Renesse is well known for its many activities in the summer. You can enjoy the sun on one of the outdoor cafés of Renesse or you can go shopping in one of the many stores, which the village has. For the party lovers there are a lot of opportunities in Renesse in the evenings until and after midnight. On walking distance from each other there are a number of places of entertainment. Especially youngsters are eager to visit this seaside resort. So not surprisingly there are a lot of bars, disco’s and pubs to be found.

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Every year a lot of tourists, both young and old, are travelling to this seaside resort. Renesse disposes of beautiful clean beaches, utmost wonderful scenery, a varied nightlife and many hotels, restaurants and bars. The North Sea and Lake Grevelingen are situated at a short distance. In Renesse you’ll find all kinds of leisure accommodation. There is something for everyone.


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The beach of Renesse is immensely extensive. Renesse is situated in the northern part of the isle of Schouwen-Duiveland. A beautiful seaside resort with 17 kilometres of sand beaches. At the ‘Verklikker’-dunes the beach even broadens to hundreds of metres. According to meteorologists the Province of Zeeland has the most sunshine hours of the whole of the Netherlands during the summer season.

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Furthermore the beaches are clean and divided into several sections. This way there is a family beach, an aquatic sports beach, a luxurious beach and a natural beach. There is enough choice; you only have to pick one! In this seaside resort you’ll be sure to find a beach according to your wishes. On all of these different types of beaches specific rules apply, which have to see to it that visitors are able to recreate in a safe and pleasant way. These rules and beach sections are mentioned on notice boards, which are posted at every beach transition.


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Renesse is situated in the northern part of the isle of Schouwen-Duiveland. It’s a lively, but not an unpleasant seaside resort. During the summer it bubbles with energy. Every summer the annual fair and market transform the village into a cosy place to stay for a few days. First of all Renesse is an exuberant seaside resort. Next to a supermarket and various restaurants Renesse is also provided with a bowling alley, a casino and a funhouse. During the summer season several activities are taking place, such as a fair and a weekly market. Everything is dedicated to the holidaymaker.

On the outskirts of the village lies the Transferium. Seaside visitors eagerly take advantage of the free parking places and the free transportation to the beach, the village and the camping. Within the borders of the village there are a number of amusing attractions. In midsummer you’re running about the heads in this village. At such a time Renesse is a bit like a cheaper alternative for Ibiza on behalf of the younger holidaymakers.


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During the season all kinds of activities are being organized in the village as well as on the beach. The seasonal market on Wednesday (from Mid-May till Mid-September) is a draw for inhabitants as well as tourists. The fair in the high season is also very popular and is being visited a lot every year. In addition you can visit a number of museums and art galleries in Renesse as well.

Zierikzee, also called the city of monuments, is a salutary relief in the varied hinterland of Schouwen-Duiveland. In Dreschor you’ll find a charming ring village as well as delicious wine. The Oosterschelde is one of the most underestimated natural parks in the Netherlands and aquatics can sail here to all points on their compass.


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He or she, who mentions Schouwen-Duiveland, is thinking of the sea, the beach, the dunes, the wind and the water, but he or she also has nature, space en openness in mind. This is an ideal place to be for aquatics, bikers, hikers, and beach- and nature lovers. And also for those, who want to escape from the stressed everyday life, staying on or around the island is the right thing to do.

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Many families and sunbathers are descending in Schouwen-Duiveland on one of the beautiful beaches. Every year thousands of people use the many bike- and hiking routes on the island. Bird watchers prefer to set up their telescope binoculars here. Other people are coming here just to relax and to enjoy the local beverages and foods. Especially for the lovers of the Zeeland Brackish Delights the restaurants are serving many home grown crustaceans and fish species. And during the lobster season (March-May) and the mussel season (July-December) there are even special arrangements.