RTM Tram Museum

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RTM Tram Museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the history of trams and public transportation in the Netherlands. The museum takes you back to the era of steam and diesel trams that connected the islands of Goeree-Overflakkee and Schouwen-Duiveland.

What can you expect?

Practical Information:

A visit to RTM Tram Museum is a journey back in time. It offers a unique blend of education and fun, where you have the chance to learn about and enjoy the rich history of Dutch public transportation.

Hop on board and experience nostalgia at RTM Tram Museum while enjoying the beautiful vistas along the route!

Furthermore RTM Tram Museum is near the following sights: Natural High (±3,1 km), Aqua Mundo Port Zélande (±3,2 km), Kiteboarding Club Brouwersdam (±3,4 km) & Sailing & Surfing Centre Brouwersdam (±3,6 km).

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