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The MuZEEum in Vlissingen, centrally located in this historic port city, offers a deep and diverse look at maritime history and culture. With nearly 20,000 objects in its collection, the MuZEEum is known as one of the most important maritime museums in the Netherlands.

What Can You Expect?

A Destination for Maritime Enthusiasts and History Buffs

A visit to the MuZEEum in Vlissingen is a captivating dive into the world of maritime adventures, historical heroes, and cultural treasures. Discover the stories that surround the waters of Zeeland and the objects that bring these stories to life.

Set sail on the waves of history at the MuZEEum Vlissingen!

Furthermore Maritime MuZEEum Zeeland is near the following sights: Reptile Zoo Iguana (±200 m) & Cine City (±600 m).

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Maritiem MuZEEum Zeeland
Nieuwendijk 15, Vlissingen
tel. +31 118 412 498 
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