Burghse School - Museum

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A charming historical school museum that takes you back to education in times gone by. Located in an authentic school building from 1845, this museum offers a unique glimpse into education and daily life in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

What can you expect at The Burghse School?

Experience the charm of historical education

Visit The Burghse School for a unique and educational experience that takes you back to the school benches of yesteryears.

Furthermore Burghse School is near the following sights: Huis van Burgh (±600 m), Golf Farm Molenberg (±1,2 km), Passenger Ship the Onrust (±2,2 km), Climbing Forest Westerschouwen (±2,9 km) & Plompe Tower (±2,9 km).

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Kerkstraat 3, Burgh
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