Golfclub Grevelingehout - Golf course

Discover Golfclub Grevelingehout, beautifully situated along the stunning Grevelingen Lake. This unique golfing paradise, nestled in a landscape of former farmlands and forests next to Bruinisse, offers a perfect blend of sport and nature.

What can you expect at Golfclub Grevelingehout?

An Unforgettable Golfing Experience at Golfclub Grevelingehout

Golfclub Grevelingehout in Bruinisse offers not just a challenging golf course but also a breathtaking landscape for a perfect day on the green. Whether you are an avid golfer or just want to enjoy a day outdoors, Golfclub Grevelingehout provides a beautiful setting and excellent facilities.

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Oudendijk 2, Bruinisse
tel. +31 111 482 650 
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